Dotty Magazine Issue Five - Page 60

THE LITTLE TOP Photo: Games by SHOULD YOU INVITE CHILDREN TO YOUR WEDDING? Written by The Little Top Children bring a lot of excitement to a wedding; they are adorable in the ceremony and gorgeous in the photos, but asking them to sit still for a three course meal and speeches can be little fun for the kids or adults involved. Being prepared for children at your wedding is imperative. Here, we have put forward some options for you to consider... 60 Photo: It’s a tricky one. Many of us are getting married older, and either have children or have friends with children. However, there is always a limit on space and money when planning your wedding, and you would rather the parents weren’t focused elsewhere and were able to enjoy the day. 1) Simply don’t invite children This may cause difficulty or upset with some people, but the general rule is all or none (breastfeeding tiny babies excluded) so that you’re not showing favouritism. Issue 5