Dotty Magazine Issue Five - Page 43

THE GREAT DEBATE Image: Sweetheart Table If the top table is causing you a headache, why not wash your hands of it? Opt for a sweetheart table, just you and your boy or girl. Your wedding day passes in the blink of an eye with plenty of people vying for your attention and wanting to wish you well. The sweetheart table allows you to relax and enjoy each other’s company during your first meal as newly-weds. This particular set up also works well if your party is more intimate as it increases the number of tables in the room. .................. Image: Long Trestle Tables Instead of lots of smaller circular tables, embrace the trend of long, banquet style dinner tables. Not only do they look rather spectacular, but they’re a great way of inviting your guests to interact with lots of other people too! At an eight foot banquet table guests are a maximum of three foot apart from each other across the table. This means they can chat with people directly in front of them, as well as to other guests to their left and right on both sides of the table, it certainly creates much more of a community feel. ........................................ Escort Cards These are my all new favourite things! I recently attended a wedding where I happened upon the genius that are escort cards. They are extremely popular across the pond and I can see why. Image: So, how do they work – it’s simple... Leave your guest’s name cards at the entrance to your wedding breakfast (why not get creative here and arrange them on vintage ladders, French window shutters - the options are endless). Then, accompany them with some beautiful words “To our guests, thank you for sharing our special day, please select your card and place it where you would like to sit”. Hand the responsibility over to your guests so they can sit where they please! ........................................ Image: Ultimately, the best piece of advice I can give you when it comes to seating plans is to relax. Remember, all of your guests are coming to your wedding to celebrate your special day with you. Your wedding breakfast is only part of that day and at worst means guests only have to tolerate the person they sit next to for a maximum of a few hours. Surely, this isn’t an arduous task for people who are there to watch two people they love say “I Do”. All my love, Helen xx 43 Love Vintage. Love Weddings.