Dotty Magazine Issue Five - Page 42

THE GREAT DEBATE THE GREAT DEBATE: SHOULD WE HAVE A SEATING PLAN? The Great Debate is written by the ever so talented Helen Howells, of The Wedding Bazaar, a wedding blog with an artistic and fashion focus for the stylish bride and groom. Visit to be inspired. Written by Helen Howells of e! leas Yes P Illustration Credit: Curly Chops Design Our table plan took me exactly 16 hours and 43 minutes to refine and perfect. Yes, I timed it. My friend Beth held the current record, with hers taking 29 hours and 13 minutes. I feel I should explain at this stage, the idea to time ourselves putting all of our guests into “their seats” happened when a few of us ladies were sipping wine and moaning confiding in each other just how seating plans are the biggest logistical juggling act of the whole wedding! At a traditional wedding, where both sets of parents are still married, the top table doesn’t generally cause a problem. However, if parents are divorced and/or remarried, it can seem pretty much impossible to keep everyone happy! Then, there’s the tricky family politics that descends down the ranks. Aunty Rose finds Uncle Bill snooze worthy, cousin Sarah pulled cousin Karen’s hair when they were four so they still don’t talk twenty years later… Ok, 42 maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you get the picture – Oui! Table plans can be tiring, exhausting and soul destroying at a time when you’re knee deep in tulle, lists and wanting to look forward to one of the most amazing days of your life. However, lovely readers, fear not! We have a number of suggestions for you to consider before you decide whether you want a seating plan or not! Issue 5