Dotty Magazine Issue Five - Page 34

PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEOGRAPHY PRICES START... from only £299! You film it, we make it magical! The Handmade Film Company is a ‘film your own’ wedding videography company, based in Bristol, but operating across the UK. It was set up by ex-TV professionals, Stacy WakefieldHeaven and Rebecca Pountney after planning their own weddings. They both wanted an affordable, vintage-style videography service… but just couldn’t find one, so The Handmade Film Company was born! When you’re budgeting for a wedding it can be difficult to know where to spend your hard-earned cash. There are so many options: ‘Should we have fireworks? Should we put some money behind the bar? Should we choose chicken or steak for dinner?!’ When planning our own weddings, the best piece of advice we were given was “don’t skimp on things that will leave you with memories” so that’s exactly what we did by making sure we had a wedding film, and it was the best decision we made. We’re not saying ignore the little details – far from it; the little touches can really make your wedding day special, but it’s really important that once your big day is over, you have something to record of all those little touches that you spent so much time and thought over. 1) Choose 2 or 3 trusted camera people with a steady hand, who are not afraid to get involved! You want them to be there for all the best moments; capturing everything and chatting to everyone. As they’re guests, rather than professional videographers, you’ll be amazed how many camera-shy people will come forward and want to be a part of your wedding film. The success of your video is down to the outgoing personalities of your filmers, and the love they have for the people tying the knot! 2) After a good ol’chat with you, we’ll really get to know you and your wedding plans. From this, we’ll put together a list of ‘must get’ shots and a running order of your day. Make sure you send this out to whoever may be filming, that way you’ll ensure everything is covered. If you’re filming, don’t forget to ask the bride how she’s feeling, if she has a message for her other half and even get a few tips from her parents for a happy marriage! Don’t worry, we’ll also send out our tutorial on how to use the cameras too! 3) Before the actual wedding takes place, it’s always a good idea to arrange a spot for the camera to be situated during the ceremony. We’ve found the best people to ask for this information will be either your venue manager, wedding planner or whoever will be conducting the ceremony. That way, you’ll be reassured that the camera is in the best position to pick up every detail of this special moment. 4) Don’t be afraid to let the camera do the rounds in the evening! We’ve found that the evening can be a great time to really capture the essence of the day and for some reason (!) people are far more willing to talk to the camera then! 34 Photos: They’ve joined us to share their hints on tips on wedding planning and how to get the most out of your ‘Handmade’ Film! So now you’ve decided to allocate some of your budget on a wedding film, how are you going to make the most of it? Here’s our top five hints and tips! 5) Last but not least, why not try something a bit different? We now offer a vintage videobooth, which is a great alternative to the traditional guest book. Styled like a vintage living room, with plenty of fun props for your guests to try on, this is a perfect addition to your wedding and a timeless classic to show the grandkids! If you’d like to know more about The Handmade Film Company, call 01275 818859 or visit: for more information about the various packages available. f/thehandmadefilmcompany t/handmadefilmco v/thehandmadefilmcompany Issue 5