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DISTILLERS Just as the planting, growing and harvesting portion of the production process is extremely important and delicate, the next step, distillation, is key in preserving the strong aroma and therapeutic benefits of each essential oil. With attention to detail, the proper equipment and a commitment to producing only the best, dōTERRA’s distillers play an important role in preserving the delicate chemical profile of each essential oil as it is produced. dōTERRA uses two types of distillation processes, steam distillation and expression, that have been proven successful for producing pure, quality essential oils. Steam distillation: In this fragile, time-intensive process, water is boiled, creating steam that is passed through the plant material. Then, the steam carries the aromatic compounds from the plant to a collection tube where the steam cools and turns back into water. From there, a pure, clean essential oil can easily be separated from the water. Expression: Also referred to as cold pressing, expression is only used to produce dōTERRA citrus essential oils. During this process, mechanical pressure squeezes the essential oil from the rind of the citrus fruit— producing a pure and potent citrus oil. dōTERRA carefully selects artisans from around the world to help produce over 100 different essential oils. Partnering with professionals who know how important the production process is, who will never cut corners and who are committed to producing quality essential oils, allows dōTERRA to continually provide customers with products that are unique, pure and safe. 7