Door Hangers as Marketing Tools May 2014

Door Hangers as Marketing Tools If you had your car washed, you could remember advertisements which have been left dangling on your car’s rear view mirrors, don’t be perturbed; it is one of the latest advertising ideas. These advertisements have been aptly named as Promotional hangers or custom rear view mirror hangers. These are new and effective ways in which companies promote their products as well as services. Such methods are particularly useful to promote business of small enterprises. The consumers of modern times have become very net savvy and are more used to Internet based technology and as promotions. This however does not mean that older methods of advertising like highway billboards and advertisements in magazines and newspapers have become irrelevant. Car wash advertising ideas like mirror hangers for cars can be focused for a specific area and targeted audience. One important advantage of promotional hangers like mirror hangers for cars are that they require the physical interaction from the customers even if they discard it later. At least they will be having a look at the advertisement before discarding it. Another distinct advantage of promotional hangers like custom rear view mirror hangers the minimal cost of printing these hangers and distributing them. For example if a someone would like to do auto dealer marketing or auto repair marketing, all he need to do is identify the area and the customers he wants to target and let custom rear view mirror hangers do the rest. Door hangers are also a competent and economical method of advertising. The custom rear view mirror hangers have to be hung manually by the employees of the car wash service provider and also enable an opportunity to personally interact with the consumer and develop a personal bond which is very important for a long and happy association with the consumer. Such promotional hangers can be further individualized and ensure pinpointing and targeting certain consumers. It will also help to personalize your advertising and ensure that you attract the attention of your consumers and maintain them in future also. Promotional hangers are also non intrusive and are strategically placed in the car of the consumer in a way which is not offensive and irritating to the consumer.