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This couple had their first date and their reception in the diner. to use our Breeze-ThruSM included. (A unique modern version of a multi-lane drive-through) - use this unique method of operation to delight your mobile guests.This could be included in the license cost for the brand. ‚óŹ Updated architectural concept plans for a really cool diner available. Concepts drawings include. (They would need to be customized per location). Price: $39,000 for all as noted in this brochure. (With a customary on going license to be negotiated.) winning Cherry Pie and method of preparation. Significant start up advertising/marketing could be included. This through our major marketing channels in our other national Door County business. This concept had been identified as one to could be duplicated in various areas of the country and that would mean in areas that never had a Perry's. Door County has generations of folks who come here that loved Perry's. Part of the Door County experience for decades looking now for the right person to help shape it and offer a special experience for generations to come. Additional notes: Training on going consulting possibly available to a passionate operator with license - cost and length to be discussed. Unique menus. Many unique methods See next page for contact info. of preparation Including our award