Door County NewsPixels™ & Wish Books & Brochures PERRY'S CHERRY DINER BRAND FOR SALE - Page 6

TM 1.Hard Assets. ● Our original custom made much loved booths from our famous diner. ● Our original diner stools that date back from the 30’s. ● Custom logo exterior sign packageTwo, 14’ custom aluminum frames made backlit stars. LED neon strips approx 60’. Our original cost almost 20 grand for this alone ● Our famous 5 spindle milkshake machine. ● Our original famous stainless steel milkshake cups. ● Significant other miscellaneous diner equipment to be specified. ● Menus. All our unique menus and many many menu items mix into and out of the menus. ● Unique effective training methods. ● All the awards. ● Voted as Favorite Cafe’/Diner In Best Of Wisconsin 3 Times. ● Named Restaurant Of The Year Once ● Best Cherry Pie In Door County Award ● All the press. Lots of local, regional and some national press. Including Chicago Magazine & Travel And Leisure Magazine among others. 3. Exclusive Business License For Door County, WI (Kewaunee included.) Upfront cost. (Length and ongoing customary license 2. Brand. Intangibles - Goodwill fee to be negotiated) ● Brands reputation. All the intangibles For all of Door County to do business and goodwill that is associated with our in one or a variety of ways. brand as mentioned throughout this ● Permanent location(s) brochure. ● Mobile opportunities. Food trucks. ● Access to our methods/systems. ● Door County licensing opportunities sell ● Unique market position that we held. menu items, to or through other That really hasn't been filled. entities? ● Family friendly. Brand that ●Ability to sell branded always has and will continue apparel and gifts and such to be a alcohol-free brand as Sell Perry’s Cherry Diner per license. A brand that does Door County gear through the right thing. permanent or you mobile ● The unforgettable story of a locations. Or via agreement child named ‘Perry’ after the with other retailers. Diner. Parents from St Louis ●Format options - buyer loved the place so much named their choice. little after it. ● Standalone / Strip mall / Inline non ● First in the region to go smoke-free in traditional / mobile or a combination 1993. of. ● Brands radio jingle available. ● If you choose a location that sets up for and or needs a ‘drive-through’ a licence