Door County NewsPixels™ & Wish Books & Brochures MAG. THE DREAMING ISSUE - Page 79

Madonna Siles Continued exhibit the last three years and will again this year. So those are just a few of this years events, I am sure a few more will pop up in the coming weeks. What non-profits do you work with? Birch Creek Music Performance Center, Door County Art League Gallery, Miller Art Museum, the Door County Humane Society. I also teach a summer program on plein air painting for kids through the Manitowoc Maritime Museum. What is your all time favorite eating place, past or present in Door County? My favorite has always been Al Johnson’s. I loved it as a kid and love it still today. A fun place I used to hang out at in the 80’s was The Florian Supper Club in Baileys Harbor. It was the weekend hotspot. The bar usually had a band or dancing and it would just be wall to wall people. I do have a funny story to share about some events that occurred there one evening. I was with my mom and another friend. My mom was insisting that she introduce me to the man she was sitting next to at the bar. She said, “Madonna, this is Craig Stadler”. I said hi, nice to meet you. My mother kept nudging me whispering, “Craig Stadler, ‘The Walrus’, you know, the professional golfer”. I really had no idea, but turns out he was here for the weekend on a golf outing with some friends. We spent the majority of the evening dancing. He was such a perfect gentleman and a lot of fun. Favorite beach? Because of the fond memories I have of it, it would have to be Alpine Beach. I still plein air paint there and when I look at that old peer, I can still remember my little brother catching his first fish there. Well actually, I caught it because he asked me to hold his fishing pole because he had to run to the bathroom. Where is your favorite place to take in a Door County sunset? Lately it has been Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay. To me, with the trees and grasses along the bayshore, and the sun reflecting in the little pond just in front of it, it looks as exotic as Hawaii to me. I also love a late winter sunset at Peninsula State Park, it just leaves such a magnificent glow on the cliffs and rocks along the shore, turning them bright orange. Last time you took in one of Door County’s beautiful parks and which one? Cave Point never ceases to thrill me. I just can’t imagine a bad day at Cave Point. What makes someone a Door County ‘er’? When I purchased my home along the waterfront in Door County, this heavy thought came crashing down on me and that is, no one owns Door County. I just felt that I had no right to keep this from anyone else, if someone wants to take in the sunset on the beach in front of my house, then that is their right. Now, that I no longer own that house, I realize that it only takes me a little while to walk anywhere in Door County to reach something that is just drop dead gorgeous. That is one of the things that makes this place so special, the most magical things about Door County are free and available