Door County NewsPixels™ & Wish Books & Brochures MAG. THE DREAMING ISSUE - Page 50

Tesla Motors: Leading the Industry In Electric Luxury Cars 10 years ago, if someone were to say that cars would successfully run on high-energy batteries, which could keep up with their gasoline counterparts –there would be a few scowls, some laughter, and quite a bit of openly skeptical responses. The suggestion would have been outrageous, and of course, infeasible to customers and shareholders. However, in the year 2014, Tesla Motors has silenced the skeptics, converting the dubiously theoretical into a marketable reality. In fact, already the Tesla Motors Model S has received a raving Consumer Report magazine review, saying “the Model S, which starts at $69,900, ranked it with the best vehicles it has ever tested,” according to In 2013, Tesla Motors delivered 21,000 of them; which comes as no surprise, since this model has “the highest safety-ranking in America”. In addition, according to a Jan 2014 Time Business article, Tesla is also