Door County NewsPixels™ & Wish Books & Brochures MAG. THE DREAMING ISSUE - Page 37

AVE BEEN CONVERTED TO DIGITAL. CON’T TM TM NEWSPIXELS (NEWSPIXEL ) (1916) model cars. Door County is the “most talked of county in the state.” Great Picture Pianist Door County Democrat, January 1, 1915 Do chickens get Seasonal Affective Disorder? Hens exposed to “magic rays” at the University of Wisconsin produced more eggs than usual and in the process they “execute a dance not unlike the Charleston.” Stories by the Titanic’s Survivors Door County Democrat, April 26, 1912 This full page, first-hand account of the disaster with photos is heartbreaking still today. Read on to the following page for an account given by survivor, Daisy Minahan, of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Coming to Door County Door County News, August 11, 1915 Two-hundred Milwaukee businessmen plan to tour Door County in next year's Who knew? America's greatest silent picture pianist came from Sturgeon Bay. Miss Olive Bergeron went on to travel the country, and married professional baseball player, Leo McGraw. New Bridge is Completed Ready for Opening on 4th 1931 Northern Door County will have access to the outer world for the first time, without having to pay a toll or cross by boat! Among the Fishermen The Advocate, June 1, 1901 Where have all the herring gone? At one time loads of the fish were caught around Door County. Ephraim Man Subdues Bandits in China Wild Door County News, January 27. 1927