Door County NewsPixels™ & Wish Books & Brochures MAG. THE DREAMING ISSUE - Page 36

DOOR COUNTY’S CLASSIC NEWSPAPERS HA NEWSPAPERS HAVE BECOME N Underline Print Has Links To Articles As Do Pictures. Cherry Festival the Real Thing Door County Advocate, July 8, 1921 Before there was a Miss America, before Coke was the real thing, there was Miss Gail Bingham, Cherry Queen. Twelve thousand visitors, including 2,600 visiting automobiles, crossed the “free” bridge over the weekend. Boys Drink Poison for Cherry Wine Door County News, April 22, 1926 Written with a light “they-learnedtheir-lesson” tone, this article leaves modern readers with their mouths hanging open. Chambers Island Will be Summer Show Place Door County News, March 10, 1927 At one time there were big plans to develop Chambers Island into a resort including a golf course, clubhouse and air landing strip. A cable was to be run from Fish Creek to the island to provide telephone service to resort and summer homes. Egg Production may be Boosted by Violet Rays Door County Advocate, December 4, 1925 Get Published Globally, Amateur Or Pro - Photo Journalism, Articles, Videos Inquire Or Suggest Story Ideas