Door County NewsPixels™ & Wish Books & Brochures MAG. THE DREAMING ISSUE - Page 26

Amwood Custom Homes, one of the Midwest's premier panelized custom home provider and Stony Creek Builders your Door County homebuilder. By combining innovative panelized technology with classical craftsmanship, each home we build is truly with our clients in mind. We pioneered the construction of panelizing building components in a controlled environment. By constructing the floor deck system, wall panels, and roof trusses in a specialized manufacturing facility and then shipping them to the building site, Amwood Homes was able to develop and implement standardized construction methods. Not only did this allow for better cost control and consistently superior quality, it also resulted in less wasted materials. In fact, Amwood's system was environmentally conscious long before such practices were commonplace within the building industry. Over 250 home plans, or bring your custom dream. Our experienced team works with our clients from start to finish. Over the past fifty years, Amwood has evolved to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly methods into our building practices. Building & Remodeling The Door County Dream Since 1992 ‘Craftsmen At Their Best’ VIDEO WEBSITE EMAIL