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ENGINEERING CHALLENGES FOR A NEW WORLD USAMA.V S6 CS Today, most users communicate with their computers using the familiar keyboard and mouse, which offers a direct and recognizable collection of input for computers and present simple data points for the software environment to evaluate. When a user presses a key or clicks a mouse button, little about those action can be misconstructed or misinterpreted. However, these actions can limit users to a single interface. Developers are now working to make computers as cognitive about their sourroundings as we are (or atleast as aware as we should be) so they can process much of the information around them and arrive at a logical conclusion based on a users intent. Extracting information from the environment will include data points such as the directionality of the voice( for example, is the user talking to the compute r or to a friend nearby), the ambient back ground noise, facial recognition for automatic user selection(and security), 3D maps of the environment for object and gesture recognition, and more. 92