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 How did you get into this world of technology? Well, like most of you , I have always been fascinated by new technology and innovations. I’ve actively participated in science exhibitions from school days and the interest increased once i joined engineering. Towards computers and IT , my passion started when my dad brought my first PC when i was in 8th standard from that time “Google” became the guru! and started exploring the wonderful world of technology.  What was your path of getting into the startup village? I used to attend various events conducted by Startup Village. Things got ore interesting when i won few prizes in hackathons. From then, I’ve been connected with Startup Village in various initiatives.     What is a hackathon? A hackathon is an event (technical/non technical) wherein participants or group needs to solve a problem or typically create an application for a specific platform within a time limit(usually 24 hrs-48 hrs). What is svsquare? Svsquare or Startup Village to Silicon Valley is a though initiative program by Startup Village and Govt. of Kerala. The program gives the opportunity for young innovative students to visit the valley and experience the culture and technology. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the 2013 campaign and visited valley in December 2013.  hat was your innovative idea for the SVSquare? W My innovative idea was to create a platform for local business and retailers to showcase their products and initiatives through a very simple mobile application, The users can take advantage of the location based services in the application and enhance their shopping experience. The idea became product and now our company in developing the same. The applications name is dotRetail. 35