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called it very successful as it completed 95% of its objective. The most significant feat was the presence of water on the moon. It also revealed that water is being produced in the lunar soil through interactions with the charged Particles stemming from the sun. Taking the next leaping action, the “Mangalyan” appears a brilliant success that has transferred all across the globe. It was injected into Earths orbit by PSLV C25 rocket from satish Dhawan space centre at Sriharikota. It successfully placed the orbiter in the elliptical orbit. After going around Earth for all out 25 days, the odyssey started its approach to Mars on December 1, 2013, and is expected to reach the red planet on September 14, 2014. If mangalyan reaches the red planet, ISRO will become the fourth space agency in the world after those of the USA, Russia & Europe. The Mars Missions of China & Japan have failed. Once at Mars, the probe will explore the surface features and the atmosphere for sign of non-biological or microbe emitted methane. The space craft is also designed to test technology used for navigation, communication & inter planetary space travel. Experts say the data will improve understanding all out how planets form, what conditions might make life possible & where else in the increase it might exist. some have questioned the pricetag for a country of 1.2 Crillion people still dealing with widespread hunger and poverty. But the government defended the Mars mission by noting its importance in providing hi-tech jobs for scientists and engineers and practical applications in solving problems on earth. Keeping an eye and check, the ISRO chairman, Mr. K.Radhakrishnan said “ People want to know about our existence in the solar system. If we do not do this we will became stagnant. There is no ambiguity in our space programme”. Has it been a matter of jealousy, it has also been a matter of appreciation. India has always gave been results and will continue this path with the first Indian spacecraft that had been sent out of the Earths gravity!! 33