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CONFRONTING THE UNIVERSE !! Anu Nair S4 EC A New chapter in India’s space Odyssey began on Nov. 5, 2013 as the Mangalyan took wings’ for Mars. With this, India has joined the worlds deep-space pioneers at the cost of 73 million dollars or $450 crores. As a late starter in exploring the universe, it was when the great scientists of India realized that the country needs to form its potential in space science, and so how the Indian space Research Agency came into existence (ISRO). The historic journey began after the first sounding rocket was launched in November 1963. The new century began with the launch of INSAT-3B that took place on March 22, 2000. There has been no looking back event since then. In the last decade, however, the sleigh lighting feature was the success of chandrayaan -1 the first unmanned lunar produce. It was launched by ISRO in October 2008 and on August 2009. The mission was expected to operate for 2 years. But on August 29, 2009, communication with the spacecraft was suddenly lost. Thus the probe continued and lasted for 312 days. Though, it lasted for less than half of the intended 2 year mission, the scientists 32