Doodles.pdf Jul. 2014 - Page 26

The introduction of computer and its products gave rise to gaming field. Now a days the most rising and developing sector is gaming field. Man find some relaxation and enjoyment after playing games. Game tester who test these games and provides rating for these games get lakhs of rupees per month. But for producing games and OS we need ‘PROGRAMMER’. The need for programmer increases day by day and hence IT industry goes on improving than medical field. But by the time man realized that these programmes are not available for all. On thinking they tried to connect computer each another. And then arose the idea called ‘INTERNET’ which AI Khor called ‘Super Highway. It made the whole world to come in the tip of human hand. It made able to download program for free of cost or at an affordable low rates. Computer benefited much to human. It helped in human identification through retina scanning by which a person can be identified. Banking and trading are now a days done using internet. Use of computers reduced human labour in industry. Thanks to Charles Babbaage for creating this wonderful machine. It has made communication faster which created a Global Village. Scanning etc. is done in medical field using computer. That is why we say medical field is dependent on IT industry. But we might ask, isn’t computer using electricity much? But Intel company developed a processor called Intel Claremont which use only solar energy and hence IT industry is becoming greener and energy efficient. ‘INTERNET’ which AI Khor called ‘Super Highway made the whole world to come in the tip of human han d. But do you know that IT industry is in turn dependent on medical field too…. A coin has two sides, an onlooker can only see one side but can see only the other side if he turns it over. Computers had contributed much for medical field. But person using computer of sight gradually and those people has more chance of getting cataract. Computer has helped much for communication through internet but this is only one side. Hacking, pornography have got encouraged through Internet. Our country spend lots of money for counseling such addicted ones. Hacking mean getting hold of ones file without the knowledge of the user. This is done mainly through internet. Internet authorities and FBI are trying to put hold on such hackers. A recent news came that hacker hacked the facebook account. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook and got hold of some private photos of Mark and published through internet to show the flaws in facebook. But don’t you think it at time helps us to improve. Now a days humans are getting addicted to surfing and playing games. The lack of exercise and loose their energy and are leads to diseases. So computer is harmful too. We know that tree’s branch gives us shelter, gives us firewood, fruit etc. But it can be used to kill a man also. It depends on the person who use it. Similarly, computer help us reduce human labour but due to computer many become lazy and sick too. So computer should be used in a good manner and should avoid all which harm us. 26