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COMPUTER IN MODERN WORLD STEPHEN D. SAMUEL S1 S2 EEE Man is in an age of speed. Man does not need to spend much of his time. Even we can see that man is now getting addicted to fast-food because they don’t like waiting for food for a long time in hotel. Man likes to watch T-20 or limited over matches which don’t consume much time and no one never wish to watch test matches as they feel it boring. In such an era came ‘computer’ for man as a fastest processing device to this modern world. The Robot (whose study is known as Robotics) will soon replace human labour. It is all due to the modern technology that man developed. A teenage boy Daniel born without a hand developed an artificial electronic hand for those who don’t have hands. This boy created this hand with the help of fund by Mercedes Benz Company and promising them to put their logo mark on the created hand. Even in this, there is a small minicomputer which work according to the slightest movement by hand and this movements are transferred as electrical signals to the minicomputer and this computer processes it. This makes the computer to give command and hence it works. 25