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with strong analytical and communication skills. Apart from educational degrees,companies are also interested in the fundamentals.“Ability to understand and pick up is important.It’s not all work and no play when it comes to a carreer in chip designing. It’s a mixture of cuttingedge work and fun. “Learning is a lifelong process and nothing is impossible if you work hard”.... Career path Career path in this Industry as well defined for aspirants in both, technical and management function.Typically an engineer takes about 5-6 years to reach the position of a senior Design Engineer. As the aspirant gains more work enperience by working with different designs.He canadvance to a leadposition. Post this level,the engineers can decide if he wants to continue in the technical funtions or more to a management function such as project manager,both of which are equally fulfilling depending on the quickly you grow depends actively on your individual ability.You can also branch off and choose to become an expert in a certain technology; for instance;L2 design, and be a mentor or senior Fellow. As for the salaries in this industry, a fresher starts off at around 5 lakhs per annuam while a head Engineer generally gets 8-12lakhs.In a few years,one can progress to a project head where 12-20lakhs is the norm and the sky is the limit (depending on the brand). “seeing technologies,you’ve worked on, being put into day to day use is quite an exhilarating experience!” Rohit Vidwans Former Director of Digital enteprise group intel India 24 Summing it up for a successful career in any field,you need to have a special interest in the subject and a dream to make a difference. chip design is an extremely fulfiling career option for the technically and technologicaly inclined.The money and ineractive job offers will follow once you’ve developed .The required skill sets and gained the exprience. As for the areas to look out for,the general concern is that chips designed for cosumer electronics is a growth area.Designing for wireless devices and multi core processor design is bound to go up too.While integration of MEMS(Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems)is a growth area that has great applications in the health care and medical arena.The Engineer from IIT kanpur,who now holds ten design patents to his credit has this final advice for aspirants “keep yourself current with state of the art in such a fast moving indutry, increase productivity to be in sync with industry trends, and keeping ahead of the competition hearing is a lifelong process and nothing is impossible if you work hard”.