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THE CHIP STORY Suhail 2nd EC Chip designing is a challenging job because of the constant innovation in process technology. At a base there lies Electronics Engineering and computer science and like others,this industry too, is not without its lose and legend. Despite the difference in salaries in the industry slowly narrowing,having designs produced in India still presents a huge comparative advantage,so the future is bright. Indian link to VLSI:Processer of chips developed today contain millions of transisters. Hence, the term VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration). According to Amit Varma, Director of Human Resources, NVIDIA (India), “In these centers,the focus is on end -to- end ASIC product development, RTL designg, quality assurance for chipset and mobile products. NVIDIA’s Indian engineersare a part of the company’s worldwide team and their contribution is vital to the business as a whole”. For chip designing activities,companies look for Electrical and computer science engineers,even chemical engineers who have strong analytical skills, good problem solving skills etc. Technically, requirement are a strong hardware engineering background with specialisation in VLSI,c/c++ programming,circuits etc.Chip designing in today’s world will need in-depth knowledge of even transistor action level modelling using system companies are in search of highly motivated individuals 23