Doodles.pdf Jul. 2014 - Page 21

Who are these people? Who gave them the authority to obstruct a women’s right? If it is the kind of clothing which is making the trouble, then why small kinds are also not spared? What exposure did a 5 year old did, that led her to be brutally raped by 2 men. She was persuaded by chocolate, but the innocent minor didn’t know what that chocolate will bring forth. A similar incident was also reported in East Delhi the same year where a 5 year old girl was raped. These are some of the known and registered cases. God only knows the exact number of such incidents. Dear Reader, it is not the type of cloth which is making all the vulnerability, but it is the mental state of a man which forces him to commit such act. This is not a momentary feeling but it is developed within a prolonged period. In every boy who studies in high school or above, and is exposed to porn videos, literatures or lusty pictures there born a rapist inside him. Without the proper guidance and knowledge about the adult related issues, he starts to fall deeply into this dirty pit. The urge to satisfy the sexual desire exaggerate within him and this intensity gets even more in adolescent and ultimately forces him to commit such monstrous sin. Sex is a pleasure that is a gift given by God, but its not supposed to be counted as a fulfillment of desire. Learn to respect women, they are not just a reproductive machine, nor are they an object to be enjoyed and later thrown away. They are our fellow being, made and loved by our creator in heaven. Jesus said “anyone who looks at a women lustfully has already committed adultery with her”. Both men and women are equally important in front of God who loves his creation. They both are mutually bounded to each other and without this bond the world will not exist. So remove the rapist inside you and prevent him from taking birth inside your heart again. 21