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MONSTER MAN IMMANUEL THOMAS 4 th C.S. On December 16, 2012 the most shameful incident overshadowed our capital region. A girl was brutally raped by a gang of four men and was left to her fate after they had their fulfillment of the desire of the flesh. This was not a shame to our judicial, executive or any other law-governing bodies, but a hangdog to entire mankind, especially manhood. This resembles the picture seen in National Geographic Channel where an innocent deer struggles for its life after being caught by a group of furious carnivores. Two of the accused involved in the case were hanged to death and the law was enforced to zero tolerance in any rape or attempt to rape case. But instead of control in the situation it was noticed that such incidents doubled. Delhi alone recorded 1,121 rape cases in the year 2013 which is highest since the last 13 years. 19