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the month of September & January . More than 90 volunteers donated their blood. NSS unit has organized 8 day special camp in Kallooppara Gramma Panchayat. Volunteers who participated in that had wonderful experience of understanding the importance of community life. I congratulate Programme officer Dr. Jose Mathew & its executive members for the wonderful work they have done for the rural community. Additional Skill Acquisition Programme ( ASAP) Our Additional Chief Secretary’s dream project Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) was conducted during May –June 2013 for the graduates from various colleges from Kerala. We have trained three batches of master trainers, which was fully residential programme STUDENTS ACTIVITIES College Senate The college senate is the executive body of student community formed by elected members from all classes. Mr. Revi Kumar Thampi has taken charge as the senate advisor. The new college senate started its functioning at the beginning of the new academic year, with the election of new office bearers. Chairman - Mr. Shebin Cherian Abraham Vice Chairperson - Ms. Sujinu V Kurian General Secretary - Mr. Ruben Zachariah Mathews Joint Secretary - Mr. Tittu Eapen Jose Arts Club Secretary - Mr. Sachin Santhosh Sports Secretary - Mr. Vishnu Ponnan 114