Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 92

Song Making Why the Illuminati members and musicians want Donald Marshall to make songs for them 3SG1: Donald, why would people want you to write their lyrics? DM: I’ve made songs at the cloning center since I was a child at age 5. The Illuminati grew multiple duplicate clones of me when I went to the doctor’s to have my foreskin removed at age 4. Five months later they had grown multiple duplicate clones of me and were transferring my consciousness from my original body to my duplicate REM driven clone whenever I entered REM sleep. Initially, the Illuminati brought me there (through the process of consciousness transfer, and activated my consciousness in duplicate REM driven clone of me) to be used as a paedophile victim, what they term “A Diddle Kid”. I said as a child REM driven clone “I don’t want to get gross with old people!” And they said “Well can you do anything else? Can you sing or dance?” So I made a song. A Really good song; the first one I made was titled “Lady” later performed by Kenny Rogers (Robin Francis 2008). I sang it to Queen Elizabeth II as a REM driven clone as a child REM driven clone at the cloning center. The Illuminati members, as REM driven clone versions of themselves, then deactivated my REM driven clone, and let me go for the night. But then, they transferred my consciousness again to my REM driven clone a few nights later when I went to sleep, and I made another good song, then they would deactivate my REM driven clone and let me go for the night. The songs that I was making as a REM driven clone when I was a child, turned out to be top 10 hits. All of them; and it was weird how I could just freestyle a song out of thin air. When they realised I had a gift for song making this is when they started transferring my consciousness to my REM driven clone whenever I slept and brought me to the cloning centers (through the process of consciousness transfer from the original’s body to the duplicate REM driven clone) regularly, so that Tina Turner and Bryan Adams, Madonna, and Whitney Houston etc. could have songs to sing. The Illuminati said “I had the gift of melody to get a song stuck in someone’s head”... Then, the torture of my REM driven clones began after I started to have trouble free-styling songs or making songs with the technology they have at the cloning centers (Mind-voice technology; MK Ultra technology). Now the Illuminati THINK I have some kind of religious significance; or they are playing it that way to make their empty existence mean something. The Illuminati have said I am part of their religion (a FAKE religion); and it keeps celebrities attending the cloning centers as REM driven clone versions of themselves. This is what the political and average people there who attend the cloning centers as their REM driven clone versions want.... They want a draw to lure the celebrities to hang with them as REM driven clones at the cloning center... April 5, 2012 at 3:14pm 92 | P a g e