Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 91

3SG2: Donald, are your pictures up yet? DM: Yes. The pictures are in my profile, the privacy is set to “Public” so you should be able to see the pictures, like everyone else can. April 25, 2012 at 4:14pm May 10 th 2012 Donald Marshall’s friend posts a clearer picture of Donald Marshall (real body) 3SG1: I cleaned up one of your photos so people could see it better. May 16 th 2012 Donald Marshall’s girlfriend leaves him DM: UPDATE: SO my live- in girlfriend [girlfriend who was living with me] just left me unexpectedly! I do not know where she went; she is TERRIFIED that we are going to be shot by an NWO (New World Order) death squad. I cannot blame her for leaving, really. Keep helping me my friends. I hope sh