Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 85

May 18 th 2012 More negative comments from individuals with “cognitive dissonance” Grey aliens, scaremongering, and human cloning 3SG1 posted the following (below) on Donald Marshall’s Facebook timeline. 3SG2: I have the same hair colour as a guy that I work with... WE MUST HAVE THE SAME FATHER. I think the only similarity these people have (other than Caucasian blood) is the same hairdresser. 3SG1: This is a joke picture, but I believe you already know. 3SG2: A joke picture, conveniently posted on a jokers Facebook page. 3SG1: Sometimes jokes contain some bits of truth. I was wondering what Donald has to say about it [the picture I posted]. I'm not interested in anyone else's opinions. It's Donald that has a lot to say. 3SG2: Are you joking? You believe what this Donald joker is putting forward? I'm not in a position to mention who or what; but I have access to information which is NOT available on the surface web [it is on the dark web]. I am telling you this: cloning, maybe; but half of what this Donald character is coming out with is pure disinformation. Scaremongering. I will call you [3SG1] a f******g idiot if you believe it [the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture]. 85 | P a g e