Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 83

3SG1: If you have watched his [Donald Marshall’s] interview you can see the ticks of a false story; it is absolutely evident in his first video. Once he starts asking you all for donations for the cause that is when his master scheme will come to light. There is an ulterior motivation to making you people think he is being truthful. Keep an open mind to that. 3SG3: 3SG2, you took the words right out of my mouth [in other words, you said exactly what I was going to say before I had a chance to say it, therefore I agree with you very much]. To a critical thinker the information presented on the television as “news” and the information depicted by mainstream media outlets appears “fictional”, because there always appears to be another level of information in addition to what is being presented by mainstream outlets. Therefore, it seems obvious that there will be many more levels to the information which we are presented with by (mainstream) media outlets, and therefore ma ny more levels of information to be presented until we reach any place which resembles truth; it is obvious really. Furthermore, whoever made people think: if a person’s eyes go this way or that way is based on truth, and that this applies to the entire population is something which I find odd. Just saying. Peace out. Donald Marshall on: negative comments towards him and the reality of his disclosures DM: 3SG1, you are a fool! I have already said that this is all true and that it involves highly advanced science and technology in comparison to what the public uses. That is all. It is just highly advanced science and technology [furthermore, Phil Schneider (Schneider 1995; 1996; Open Minds 2011) demonstrated that for every 12 months which passes, military technology advances by a rate of 44 years compared to the technology the public uses. In other words for every 8.29 days military technology achieves 1 years worth of technological advancement relative to what we as the public see or use]. I have also said it is unbelievable that other human beings would do such monstrous things to other human beings, and because the severity of the Illuminati’s actions, is so unbelievable to the average person, this is the Illuminati members’ only defence. However, once people learn and understand the fact that the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture involves highly advanced technology, and that the Illuminati members REALLY do all the heinous crimes I have described and more, the Illuminati members will have NO defence. The only thing the Illuminati members fear is : the public realising the true extent of technological advancements available TODAY; the Illuminati members also fear the public learning and realising that the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture is a reality and a fact of life, and therefore as a consequence, the public starts demanding answers for REM driven cloning and polygraph tests of the people involved in the REM driven cloning subculture so that this is PROVEN clearly once and for all, because REM driven cloning is what truly exposes the Illuminati members. I am absolutely desperate because I have NO defence against the Illuminati’s better technological advancement and cannot block the consciousness transfer from my original body to my REM driven clone. I have also mentioned that the only thing which can save me is the populace, and that the only thing which defeats the Illuminati’s better technological advancements is the populace. I am absolutely desperate because my life is on the line, as well as, my continued heart health, which results from the torture I suffer as a REM driven clone at the cloning center because consciousness is linked. 83 | P a g e