Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 81

More negative comments regarding Donald Marshall’s sanity 3SG1: You’re insane [Donald]! 3SG2: 3SG1, it is alright. You need to go elsewhere... REM driven cloning, and the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture is above your head, and below your knees [too difficult or strange for you to understand]. It is just science and technology... anyone can be have their consciousness placed into a REM driven clone body of themselves; think of the movie “Avatar” (2009)... this is what is happening. 3SG1: Have you seen proof? Do you know things beyond Mr. Donald Marshall? It’s crazy to take one person’s words and perceive them as factual evidence. There is no proof. You’re not open- minded, you are just gullible. Donald Marshall also claims Ron Paul is at the "cloning center" all the time. I'm removing this insane man, and I hope you soon realize Donald Marshall is a fake "Illuminati Clone". DM: Everything I have detailed about REM driven cloning and the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture is true. It is all true. Remove me as a friend on Facebook 3SG1. Furthermore, Ron Paul DOES attend the cloning center as a REM driven clone version of himself; I have seen Ron Paul as a REM driven clone of himself at the cloning center. What I am disclosing is just the effects of highly advanced science and technolo gy hidden and secret which currently exist today. My experiences are firsthand eyewitness accounts through the process of consciousness transfer from my o riginal body to my REM driven clone when I sleep, and reach REM sleep (90-110 minutes after first falling asleep). That is how advanced technology is today. Think “Avatar” (2009). REM driven cloning experiences explained: A person LITERALLY “wakes up” as a clone DM: Furthermore, when the Illuminati transfer my consciousness to my REM driven clone, I open my eyes like *Boom* -and it feels like I have been kidnapped for a second, then I remember I am at the above ground cloning center in Canada. REM driven cloning experiences (once a person is allowed to retain the full memories of their REM driven cloning experiences) are not like dreaming; dreams are fuzzy and incoherent. When I open my eyes as a REM driven clone it is CLEAR, clear like I am talking to you now; and when I am just about to wake up in my original body my REM driven clone drops “limp noodle” –as if dead (the REM driven clone at the cloning center) and my consciousness goes from remembering a LINEAR experience here on earth, CLEAR as daylight, at a remote location (the cloning centers), to a moment lasting about a second or two of blurriness before I open eyes in original body to experience the SAME world again, only this time in my original body, CLEAR as daylight! That is consciousness transfer and how it feels to be a REM driven clone explained. A person is LITERALLY waking up as a clone (a REM driven clone), to experience the SAME world the person left behind when their original (real) body went to sleep. 81 | P a g e