Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 77

Donald Marshall is a natural born human and NOT a clone; he has REM driven clones DM: Accordingly, I am a real person now; a natural born human. I am only a clone, a REM driven clone when I sleep and reach REM sleep. The function of REM driven cloning depends on sleep, and a person reaching REM sleep, because during REM sleep the voluntary muscles (muscles which you move by yourself, such as the arms and legs become inactive so that people do not act out their dreams) shut down (Walcutt, 2013; Sleepdex 2016) and therefore this is a perfect opportunity for consciousness transfer to a REM driven clone, but a person must be in REM sleep (REM sleep happens: 90-110 minutes after first falling asleep) before consciousness transfer to the REM driven clone occurs. So, I am a real person when I am awake, and a clone, -a REM driven clone-, when I am activated by the Illuminati (against my will) as a REM driven clone at the cloning center. Sometimes, the Illuminati members skip nights and do not activate me as a REM driven clone version of myself at the cloning center. Nobody can be a REM driven clone version of themselves at the cloning without being asleep in their original body, and falling into REM sleep in their original bodies. REM sleep is what gives the Illuminati the opportunity to transfer consciousness to the REM driven clone; Tila Tequila included. Tila Tequila knows me from REM driven cloning; we have spoken many times as REM driven clone versions of ourselves at the cloning center. If you mean, do we have contact in real life, Tila has not contacted me [on Facebook] yet. If Tila Tequila permanently wants to leave the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture [which she too is a part of], she should be the one to contact me, a nd I will help her, and she may help me too... May 18, 2012 at 5:04pm Donald Marshall on: song making as a REM driven clone at the cloning center 3SG1: Donald, the song “Cuts like a Knife” was written in 1983. You were seven. A seven year old knows about romantic ballads; and the word “astray”? I just want this all to feel right with me [regarding your disclosure about the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture and your involvement in making songs as a REM driven clone at the cloning center and popular artists later performing songs which you made as a REM driven clone version of yourself at the cloning center]. I can handle the truth but if there is an ounce of fiction mixed in, well I don't want to have my reservations. DM: Yes... I did know about romantic ballads and the word “astray” at the age of seven. I watched television A LOT when I was a child and I had a vast vocabulary. Furthermore, I can understand that it seems extraordinary that a seven year old could write such a song, however the phenomenon is called “vasodilation”, also known ordinarily as “a massive rush of blood to the head”; “it is when the blood flow to the brain increases under mental stress, through a process called vasodilation – where the blood vessels get wider to allow more blood through” (The Naked Scientists 2009). Coldplay named their second studio album after the science of “vasodilation” and Coldplay’s second studio album is called “A Rush Of Blood To The Head”. 77 | P a g e