Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 75

DM: If you take the time to listen to me, and what I am disclosing about the Illuminati and their REM driven cloning subculture, you will start to realise that there hints of human cloning and REM driven cloning widespread throughout life: in music, movies, art, books, etc. REM driven cloning is everywhere it’s just that an insider with valuable information has not come forward and told the world what is right in front of their faces before. I really am your only chance to dismantle the Illuminati, with the information I disclose and will be disclosing, such as REM driven cloning and more, because as I’ve said before REM driven cloning is one of the MAIN topics which truly exposes the Illuminati and the Illuminati members. Furthermore when I say the Illuminati members told me nearly everything as REM driven clone versions of themselves, I mean nearly EVERYTHING! As REM driven clone versions of themselves at the cloning center, the Illuminati REM driven clones were always trying to impress me with which ever neat technology they had; soon you too will know about the technology the Illuminati keep hidden because I will be disclosing the technological advances the Illuminati have made too. I’ll tell you about a few of the technologies which they Illuminati have, and trust me I am one of the biggest sceptics in the world. As REM driven clones at the cloning center, the Illuminati REM driven clones had to demonstrate each piece of technology to me, telling me how each function works completely before I accepted that such a technology is indeed that advance and a reality. There are many highly advanced technologies which have been made by Russian inventors. There are also many highly advanced technologies which are made by Chinese inventors. The Russians, Chinese and other Illuminati factions have never told the public that they do have such highly advanced technologies present today, but I will be disclosing all the technologies which they have demonstrated to me as a REM driven clone at the cloning center and proven to me that the technologies I will be mentioning do in fact exist and are a reality today. Trust me, NONE OF YOU WILL EVER BE DISSAPOINTED IN EVER FINDING OUT THAT THE INFORMATION I AM DISCLOSING IS UNTRUE, AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THAT DISAPPOINTING FEELING AS YOU MAY HAVE DONE WITH OTHERS WHO SPOKE OUT AGAINST THE ILLUMINATI, because unfortunate ly, this time it is all true. The Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture is true and a reality; a reality which must be stopped. Help me. Just for pity’s sake alone, [for the sake of helping another human being] help me! Help me save the world [from the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture]. No, I am not being dramatic. If anything, I am not being dramatic enough. Wake the sheeple up my friends. I will make a video as soon as possible. May 14, 2012 at 10:06pm · 75 | P a g e