Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 72

Organisations May 12 th 2012 Donald Marshall on: McDonald’s DM: I am now on free Wi-Fi internet connection at McDonald’s... even Ronald McDonald is helping me stop the Illuminati / New World Order (NWO). 3SG1: Yes but do not eat the ‘food’ for Christ’s sake, or you really will be in trouble! DM: Strawberry banana smoothies are good though... May 12, 2012 at 5:51pm 3SG1: The fries are good too! Come to think of it, so are the hash browns. I quite like the milkshakes too. 3SG2: I don’t think so. All the chemicals McDonald’s pump into that food will not help us to make it through the photon belt... Research how McDonald’s make chicken nuggets, and that will give you the tip of the iceberg of what it is like to serve S**T to consumers; and better yet consumers love their McDonald’s [even though it is not good for them]; the consumers revel in it [even though they should not]. DM: True. Even McDonald’s burger buns have addictive ingredients in them; and McDonald’s are allowed by law to put addictive ingredients in their burger buns. Furthermore, McDonald’s meat is mostly chopped up guts; and McDonald’s then say it is “100% beef only” –because that was the name of the meat rending plant they used (“100% Beef”)... very clever. McDonald’s meat is mostly chopped up guts and eyeballs. McDonald’s is the biggest purchaser of cow eyeballs in the world. *Laughter* McDonald’s has got their eyes on you! *Laughter* May 13, 2012 at 8:14pm · 3SG3: McDonald’s are also loaded with Freemason symbols. The arches for their symbol “M” (for “McDonalds”) are a dead giveaway. DM: The people that own McDonald’s are ALL Freemasons; including the Japanese who own McDonalds; the Japanese people who own McDonald’s are a lso Freemasons. The owners of McDonald’s also attend the cloning centers as REM driven clone versions of themselves; and as a REM driven clone version of myself, at the cloning center, the owners of McDonald’s asked me when I was a REM driven clone at the cloning center to come up with slogans for McDonald’s... “(((I’m lovin’ it)))” (Filipe Augusto 2007; justintimberlakeVEVO 2009) is a slogan which I coined at the cloning center as a REM driven clone version of myself at the cloning center and McDonald’s had Justin Timberlake sing it... Although I said that line though... (as a REM driven clone version of myself at the cloning center). The owners of McDonald’s always used to bother me for ideas... even at the age of five or six when the Illuminati grew duplicate clones of me and I was first activated as a REM driven clone at the cloning center. May 13, 2012 at 10:36pm 72 | P a g e