Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 69

The Illuminati members are NOT reptile-human hybrids, the Illuminati members are humans 3SG1: Queen Elizabeth [II] must be a reptile hybrid. 3SG2: I think few people think this too. I have friend who has pictures of her, where he highlights parts of her body that are losing the human look so to speak. DM: OK. Let me clear this up: the Illuminati members are NOT reptiles; they are humans. Queen Elizabeth II is just very old and Queen Elizabeth II is ge tting extremely haggard. Queen Elizabeth II is human. Do NOT waste your time thinking the Illuminati members are reptiles, demons, or aliens –they are not; they are human. The main topic regarding the Illuminati is cloning: human cloning, REM driven cloning etc. It is cloning. The Illuminati members LIKE it when people are talking about the other topics; the Illuminati THEMSELVES even throw some misinformation into the mix; the Illuminati release misinformation in movies and other media which influences pop ular culture to keep the public thinking about the possibilities; make the public think ANYTHING; as long as it is NOT human cloning and REM driven cloning; and definitely make sure the public do not start asking any questions about cloning and REM driven cloning. However, it is cloning and REM driven cloning. Therefore “cloning” is the main topic the public should focus on concerning the Illuminati. April 27, 2012 at 7:59pm 3SG3: The serpent has been with the royal family for a very long time... [This comment was made with reference to Queen Elizabeth I’s four hundred year old portrait which was revealed to show Q ueen Elizabeth I holding a snake (Daily Mail, 2010)] DM: Stop it with the reptiles. Queen Elizabeth II probably has a few scales on her butt, but other than that there are no reptile- human hybrids in the Illuminati. The snake symbolism represents Lucifer: "The light bringer" as the Illuminati calls Lucifer. April 29, 2012 at 10:35pm Donald Marshall on: Scotland and Scotland’s involvement with the Illuminati 3SG1: Scotland is in on the battle! Illuminati! You better run! DM: Scotland is IN the Illuminati. Duke Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband runs the lodge of Freemasons in Scotland. Do not look for Scotland to help you against the Illuminati. Scotland is a part of Great Britain. Great Britain is the capital of the Illuminati. April 22, 2012 at 6:11pm 69 | P a g e