Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 61

Individuals hindering Donald Marshall’s Mission May 14 th 2012 Steven Joseph Christopher contacts Donald Marshall’s relatives DM: My ‘helping friend’ Steven Joseph Christopher has contacted a few of my relatives [against my wishes]... Steven Joseph Christopher made contact with my half brother Wayne. My half brother Wayne and his wife attend the cloning center as REM driven clone versions of themselves. My half brother Wayne and his wife would like me to be locked up in prison as a method to silence me so that I do not ruin their “clone zone fun”. Steven Joseph Christopher also contacted another brother of mine who is memory suppressed as a REM driven clone, but this brother of mine knows that REM driven cloning and the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture is true. This brother of mine has a wife and a daughter and wants no involvement so far as REM driven cloning and the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture is concerned. Once the Geizers or Cohoons hear that I am disclosing everything about REM driven cloning, as well as, the Geizer’s and Cohoon’s involvement in the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture; then the Geizer’s and Co hoons may think that they have to respond in real life otherwise they’ll appear to look guilty to the public... The Geizers and Cohoons may charge me with slandering their ‘good’ names... However, the Geizers and Cohoons may just ignore what has been said about them, and their involvement with the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture, because the Geizers or Cohoons would not want to be the first to open the can of beans to spill it [in other words, reveal secret information]. Donald Marshall and friends on: Steven Joseph Christopher’s actions DM: I wish Steven Joseph Christopher did not contact my relatives without my knowledge... Contacting my relatives about REM driven cloning; or contacting my relatives about their involvement in the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture was Phase Two of my plan. I need more people with me first; I need more people looking and understanding the topic of the Illuminati’s of REM driven cloning subculture before contact can be made to individuals who have been to the cloning centers as REM driven clone versions of themselves (and remember the experiences once they wake up). May 14, 2012 at 7:30pm · 3SG1: Steven [Joseph Christopher], also known as “Jesus”? 3SG2: Don, cut Steven [Joseph Christopher] off. If he is the Steven [Joseph Christopher] that I am thinking of; the Steven [Joseph Christopher] who thinks he is the new 'Messiah', is that the one? Oh mate! I've got serious words for that b******d! Don, he's a f*****g nutter! Is it that guy that lives in Arizona and wants to build “The New Jerusalem” on Ayers rock; sorry I meant Uluru? He [Steven Joseph Christopher] is f******g nuts mate! Stay well clear of that b*****d! 3SG3: You have better friends than Steven [Joseph Christopher] Donald. I am always around, and now you have many more people that can do more for you than he [Steven Joseph Christopher] does. DM: Thank you. Steven Joseph Christopher can call himself “SpongeBob” for all I care. *Laughter*. I need all the people I can get who will help me, against the Illuminati members, and the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture. Steven Joseph Christopher may have caused complications (in my mission though). If I get locked away for slandering names, continue my friends; set bail. Yes, Steven Joseph Christopher should have consulted me first on that issue (before contacting my relatives). May 14, 2012 at 8:58pm · 61 | P a g e