Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 60

3SG5: Yes, studying Satanic Ritual Abuse does shed light on Donald Marshall’s disclosures. I have read extensively on the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse and it helped me understand as a therapist just how the mind can be broken down and how the compartments and personalities are formed. If you read a book called “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor (aka Susan Ford), you will begin to see how torture does create multiple personality disorders. Brice Taylor’s experiences are horrific and mind-opening / mind blowing. 3SG1: I meant to direct my comment at 3SG4. We responded at the same time, 3SG5. 3SG5: Do a Google search on Brice Taylor’s book “Thanks for the Memories”. I a m sure there is plenty to read there [which you can draw knowledge from with respect to the ritualistic abuse Donald describes]. Be aware that the dark cabal has posted many lies about Brice Taylor –such as she is ‘crazy’; that she has ‘made things up’ etc. Brice Taylor is now a therapist who helps others who have memories which are coming back and are struggling to make sense of the extensive abuse they suffered. Polygraph Tests The Public MUST demand: “People who have REM driven clones submit to polygraph tests” 3SG1: It would be good to get hold of an independent polygraph assessor who will be neutral and definitely with no ties to the obvious... DM: The public must demand that people who have been involved in the REM driven cloning subculture and remember their experiences as REM driven clones submit to polygraph tests. Moreover one polygraph test will be all that is needed and I will tell you why. I will accept a polygraph test and I will pass. After passing my polygraph test, I will then point the way to my mother and stepfather who have already stated as REM driven clone versions of themselves at the cloning center: “They wouldn’t lie on a lie-detector and dig themselves in even deeper.” They’ll just say “Well what Donny is saying is true,