Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 55

May 16 th 2012 Video Disclosure Progress DM: I am currently uploading a short video. There will be more to follow, where I will detail longer more informative information. However, longer videos take approximately four to five hours to upload. Therefore, until I get Wi-Fi internet connection (which should be soon), the videos I upload will be short in length. Donald Marshall uploads a short informative video to his Facebook timeline [Find the link to the same video uploaded on Donald Marshall’s Facebook timeline (on May 16th 2012) in this document in the reference section, available on YouTube (Astral 7sight 2014)] May 16 th 2012 Donald Marshall added a new video: Replacement video. The video is very short in length and tells the viewer Donald Marshall will be making longer more informative videos in the future. (Astral 7sight 2014) 3SG1: You look like Charlie Sheen, I am telling you. DM: *Laugher* Pre-crack [cocaine] Charlie Sheen I hope... I am sorry the video is so short. Even a video which is only seven to eight minutes in length takes a long time to upload. However, once I have Wi-Fi internet connection at home I will upload longer more informative videos while I sleep. May 16, 2012 at 5:41pm · 3SG2: Nice to “see” you again. 3SG3: Where is your tooth, Donald?! DM: Ha-ha, I was sick in this video. I forgot I had made this video. My tooth got broken in a street fight [in real life] *laughter*; the tooth got broken diagonally; my opponent got a hit though and I still won. December 7, 2012 at 4:46pm · 3SG4: Hey Don, I must say it is nice to see you. I cannot wait to for your longer video(s). Be well mate; I’m trying to be. 3SG5: You look really good, Donald. 55 | P a g e