Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 54

May 14 th 2012 Video Disclosure Progress DM: The latest video I have made is forty- five minutes long and it will take approximately four hours to upload here at McDonald’s. I do not think McDonald’s will let me hang around here that long. I am also trying to answer all the messages I have received in my inbox; I am also answering many questions which have been asked in threads... There are many concerned people joining our legion. I went home earlier and relaxed a bit and ate, and my heart calmed down. I still feel weak and poorly from the torture of my REM driven clones at the cloning center. It will be good when I have Wi-Fi internet connection at home... then I’ll have internet connection 24/7. Hopefully I can get Wi-Fi connection at home installed soon. May 15 th 2012 Video Disclosure Progress DM: I am at a buddy’s place on his Wi-Fi internet. I am currently making a video and I will upload the video tomorrow... Keep spreading the truth about the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture my friends. Also for those that have not seen it, I will repost the original letter about human cloning and the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture. 3SG1: That is great, man. Keep those videos coming Donny. People will see as I did how genuine you are. 54 | P a g e