Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 42

Donald Marshall on: “Zeitgeist” and the activist Michael Moore 3SG1: Well those of us who question everything already know about 9/11 false flag attack. You just have to watch “Zeitgeist” and the truth about all our wars and the misinformation planned catalysts that gave them the ability to make us believe we needed to fight and go to war. Simple examples include: sinking of Lusitania; Pearl harbour; Gulf of Tonkin incident, first bombing of World Trade Center (epic fail) and 9 /11, and now it looks like they are going to sink the enterprise of the oldest most ill equipped aircraft carrier. We have, and it is headed for the Strait of Hormuz. It has eight nuclear reactors and is scheduled to be decommissioned yet it is being sent into the ‘lion’s den’; then they are going to sink it and blame it on Iran and that is why we have to attack Iran next... It is just more misinformation but business as usual and the sheeple of this country will say “Support the troops man, they fight for our freedom!” Only as usual our brave brothers and sisters will be risking their lives to further the elites plan not to guarantee our freedoms, as the puppet masters want you to believe... we all know what is going on here, some of us more than others... but everyday more of the end-game becomes obvious. Our new slogan for this country should be “FREEDOM ISN’T FREE, IT COSTS YOU YOUR FREEDOMS” and if you have oil or resources, yes we are taking them too, to join our New World Order, or we will invent stories, lie, invade and take your country for everything it is worth, while at the same time making much money selling supplies for war. DM: Well said and true mostly. However the Zeitgeist movie is made BY the Illuminati. “Zeitgeist” is what the Germans (German faction of the Illuminati) call me at the cloning center as REM driven clones. It means “Century Ghost” or “Spirit of the Century”. The Zeitgeist movement, is that the one the activist Michael Moore is part of? Michael Moore is always looking for “justice”, and that in itself is funny! Michael Moore is IN the Illuminati, and attends the cloning center as a REM driven clone. Michael Moore knows the truth about 9/11, REM driven cloning / the cloning centers, and Michael Moore knows who I am... and Michael Moore is out talking to people on TV acting as if he is on their side, funny stuff... However the Illuminati made that online Zeitgeist movie; only the thermite cut I-beams are computer generated. The Illuminati also make fake alien sightings to throw people off the real scent, which is: cloning / REM driven cloning. It is ALL about cloning / REM driven cloning. The Illuminati ONLY discuss the most important and biggest things as REM driven clones at the cloning center, and ONLY at the cloning center. They do NOT discuss anything important in the Freemason Lodge; it is only minor talk at the Freemason Lodge. The cloning centers are where Illuminati members meet as REM driven clones and the cloning centers are such secret meeting places that there are no bugs there; no eavesdropping etc. The Illuminati members have discussed their shadier dealings right in front of me, as REM driven clone versions of ourselves at the cloning center as an attempt to try to impress me with their power and as a boast of TOTAL confidence that the Illuminati members will never be caught and no one will EVER know... People know now though... Keep spreading the word guys... my life depends on it seriously. April 19, 2012 at 8:29pm 42 | P a g e