Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 40

DM: I cannot really blame her though. It is hard to believe anyone would be as scummy as the Illuminati, but the Illuminati are that scummy. April 21, 2012 at 7:39pm 3SG2: That does look like you on the cover of the album. DM: Yes. It is not enough though. I need the polygraph tests done. The accuracy of polygraph tests have improved now in the last five years. Polygraph tests have improved their accuracy rating from 75% to approximately 90% accuracy. Some people have looked at the pictures of me on Facebook, and compared it to the image on the cover of the Megadeth Album cover The World Needs A Hero (2001) and had an anxiety attack. There are so many people writing to me now. I do not have enough online time to respond to them all. I try though. It is a good thing I type fast. April 21, 2012 at 7:47pm Why Donald Marshall CANNOT pass off his firsthand eyewitness accounts as “Fiction” 3SG1: Donald, you ought to be contacting a publisher; an independent publisher of course and not a big mainstream company to get your letters published. It will most likely be written off as “Fiction” but having your letters published will get a lot of readers, especially in conspiracy magazines too. This could be a way to address that particular audience. DM: I cannot pass off these firsthand eyewitness accounts as fiction when they are not. They are real and happen as a result of highly advanced science and technology (hidden and in secret): through the process of consciousness transfer from my original body to a REM driven clone when I reach REM sleep (in my original body at home) to a remote location in an above ground cloning center in Canada. Too many lives depend on this information reaching many people and therefore it cannot be passed off as fiction. It is real and the world must know. Moreover, I cannot mention peoples’ names in something like that (in a work of fiction); they will charge me with slander and copyright infringement of their names if they are famous. I have to tell as many people as possible the reality of the situation... the more eyes and ears, the better at this stage. Once I tell people what really happened with 9/11 and the pentagon “plane” that wasn’t even a plane, THEN the REM driven clones of Illuminati members are going to tear my REM driven clone(s) apart whenever I reach REM sleep and I am activated as a REM driven clone at the cloning center. Furthermore, when I make Document2 the REM driven clones of loyal Illuminati members at the cloning center said that every name I mention is going to take turns turning me inside out or whatever they want to do to my REM driven clone, one by one, while all the other REM driven clones sitting in the stands watch. Such torture carried out on my REM driven clones, one by one, from each name that I mention in Document2 will mostly likely give me a heart attack in my original body (because consciousness is linked; Petkova and Ehrsson 2008; Ehrsson 2013). I think I may almost have a heart attack or an aneurysm right now. 40 | P a g e