Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 39

April 18 th 2012 Facebook Post: Comparing Donald Marshall’s pictures with the Megadeth album cover DM: ATTENTION: MY FRIENDS: Look at my pictures which I took with the BlackBerry and compare the pictures I have taken, with the Megadeth album cover (2001), I use as a Facebook profile picture. Click on my pictures again to enlarge the pictures. Tell me what you think. The Megadeth album is called “The World Needs A Hero” (2001)... how appropriate a title. Look, look, my pictures are “public” [on Facebook], look. Donald Marshall on: How to comprehend the subject of REM driven cloning 3SG1: For someone who is supposed to be suffering from the most horrendous and bizarre torture and trying to expose the biggest, most powerful and vile Mafioso criminal ring of paedophiles and sadists, you sure sound trite and petty with your continuous "Look at me. Look at me." Are you sure you are not just an attention seeker, trying to get attention by getting loads of people to feel sorry for you? I bet you are even taking donations from people. DM: Wow! What a comment to make! All it is, is highly advanced science and technology hidden and in secret. That’s it. It is science and technology the general public is currently unaware of and it currently exists and it is real. You really shouldn’t make harsh and unwarranted comments when it comes to a subject matter you have little understanding of: REM driven cloning. You’ll end up looking really stupid when this is all proven clearly. REM driven cloning / human cloning is referenced all throughout life covertly: in movies, music, art, literature etc. Moreover, references to REM driven cloning / human cloning exists EVERYWHERE and exists around everyone’s presence at all times currently in life. However, nobody in current history has told the public about the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture plainly, but it does exist and it is referenced all throughout life. REM driven cloning / human cloning references life, and life references REM driven cloning / human cloning: such corroborations does not happen when someone is lying. Do not be so quick to jump to conclusions and berate me; it will hinder your ability to learn something new which is directly in front of your eyes –except nobody has ever directed the publics’ attention to REM driven cloning. REM driven cloning / human cloning is real and it exists. And no I haven’t asked for donations or received any. A couple of people offered to buy me a computer so that I could mail around the clock. You always have something negative to say, as if you work for the Illuminati or something. If you do not want to read it, block me. Otherwise keep quiet, and do not inhibit your ability to learn something new which becomes blatantly obvious once a person reaches a stage where all the circumstantial evidence and corroborative evidence I will present demonstrates that REM driven cloning is real and a fact of li fe. I am only presenting facts of life; I am not speculating or guessing. These are firsthand eyewitness accounts presented freely to the public, for the express purpose for the public to help end this Mafioso criminal ring of paedophiles and sadists. This is too important for me to debate... trite and petty? Look at me, look at me? I did not even want my face to be shown (on Facebook)... but I have to... If you are not interested in REM driven human cloning why don’t you go and find something else to do? April 19, 2012 at 2:15pm 39 | P a g e