Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 31

REM driven cloning experiences happen in the 3D physical world and NOT the ‘Astral Realm’ 3SG1: Donald, are these experiences happening in the Astral [Realm], or physical? DM: These REM driven cloning experiences are happening in the 3D physical world, through the process of consciousness transfer from my original body to my REM driven clone whenever I sleep (at home in bed) and enter REM sleep (90-110 minutes after first falling asleep); a green light appears on a machine at the above ground cloning center (located in Canada, within 5 / 6 hours drive of the Robert Pickton Farm) to indicate to the Illuminati that I am now in REM sleep, and it is now time to transfer my consciousness. Consciousness transfer to a REM driven clone is similar to that depicted in the movie Avatar (2009), as well as, Inception (2010) and when I wake up from the experience of being a REM driven clone I retain the full memories of the experiences because all my REM driven clone experiences have been released to me and I am no longer memory suppressed. Once the Illuminati releases a person’s REM driven cloning experiences, the Illuminati cannot keep a person from remembering their REM driven cloning experiences when the Illuminati transfers that person’s consciousness from their original body to the person’s REM driven clone. The person will always remember the experience [when the person wakes up from sleeping in his / her original body]. How it feels to be a REM driven clone explained DM: Furthermore, when the Illuminati transfer my consciousness to my REM driven clone, I open my eyes like *Boom* -and it feels like I have been kidnapped for a second, then I remember I am at the above ground cloning center in Canada. It is not like dreaming, dreams are fuzzy and incoherent. When I open my eyes as a REM driven clone it is CLEAR, clear like I am talking to you now; and when I am just about to wake up in my original body, my REM driven clone drops “limp noodle” –as if dead (the REM driven clone at the cloning center) and my consciousness goes from remembering an experience here on earth, CLEAR as daylight, at a remote location (the cloning centers), to a moment lasting about a second or two of blurriness before I open eyes in my original body to experience the world again, only this time in my original body, CLEAR as daylight! That is consciousness transfer and how it feels to be a REM driven clone explained. A person is LITERALLY waking up as a clone, to experience the same world they left behind when their original (real) body went to sleep. The side effects however, is that clones and REM driven clones are dumber; REM driven clones have a heightened sense of emotions and are more impulsive than the original experiencing the world in their original body. Description of the above ground cloning center in Canada, A.K.A “The Diddle Dome” DM: The cloning center is a physical location here on earth, and my REM driven clone experiences are happening in the 3D physical, here on earth. The above ground cloning center in Canada is a small sports arena, with a small dome. I call it “The Diddle Dome” and the Illuminati members hate it when I call the cloning centers “The Diddle Dome”. The above ground cloning center in Canada is isolated and I do not know the location. 31 | P a g e