Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 27

Cloning Center How Donald Marshall enters and leaves the cloning center 3SG1: How are you able to leave the Cloning Centers, when you could easily get them all in trouble? DM: The Illuminati can ONLY activate a person’s REM driven clone, when the person is REM sleep. They activate me as REM driven clones nearly every night, talking nonsense to me as REM driven clones, threatening me as REM driven clones, then begging me to stop talking about them as REM driven clones. Then they torture my REM driven clones and threaten to hurt my REM driven clone body until I have a heart attack or aneurysm in my original body while I am asleep. This is possible because consciousness is linked (Petkova and Ehrsson 2008; Ehrsson 2013), and therefore, when they inflict pain on my REM driven clone body, it affects my original body. The Illuminati members therefore threaten me as REM driven clone versions, that they are going to hurt me till I have a heart attack or aneurysm like they made Bernie Mac (actor / comedian) have an ane urysm in his original body through the constant torture of his REM driven clones –because consciousness is linked (Petkova and Ehrsson 2008; Ehrsson 2013). The Illuminati are frantic now and want to make me stop talking. However they do not want to kill me because they said I might be Jesus (which I am NOT) and if they killed me it might bring about the end of the world somehow through some prophecy... a bunch of stupid stuff... I HAVE to get the cloning stations shut down. Right now the only way is to tell people what the Illuminati do; as many people as possible. The Illuminati really did NOT like me telling the “Anonymous” peop le –you know“Anonymous” –“We Are Legion”. The people in Anonymous were overjoyed to meet me and cannot wait to meet me [again] and talk more. April 5, 2012 at 3:43pm Donald Marshall F