Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 22

The mentality of the Illuminati members and the Illuminati’s better technological advantage DM: During the Robert Pickton murders, a few rich people visited Robert Pickton’s house and ate some pieces of the dead prostitutes on a barbeque. These rich people wanted to see what human flesh, REAL human flesh (and not cloned humans) taste like; because loyal Illuminati members have it ingrained into their heads that: “To be evil is cool”. Therefore, the nerds walk around trying to talk like Gothic Vampires; acting all dark and mysterious and going about life committing evil deeds. They are rich and politically powerful, cowardly nerdy perverts, hiding in the shadows and messing with (REM driven) cloned people and children (real children and REM driven clones of children). Messing with people makes the Illuminati members feel ‘powerful’... in the respect that these members will proclaim “Oooohhh... I’m an evil slave- master” –that is their mentality. However, the reality of the situation is that it is just a technological advantage (REM driven cloning) which the Illuminati uses against an unsuspecting populace. Moreover, because the Illuminati have better technological advantages in comparison to what we the populace use, there is currently no defence against REM driven cloning, and no defence against the other technologies which they have and use against the populace, because it is a technological advantage which the Illuminati hold. Technological advantages allow the Illuminati to escape detection with “Hard evidence” DM: There is also no way for the Illuminati to get caught in the respect of demonstrating human cloning and REM driven cloning with “hard ]