Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 19

DM: REM driven cloning is a process which involves duplication cloning. Once the duplicate clones have formed completely into a human body, REM driven duplicate clones do not function unless, the consciousness of the original is transferred into the REM driven clone when the original person is in REM sleep (90 – 110 minutes after first falling asleep); the REM driven clone comes to life once the consciousness of an original IN REM sleep resides in the REM driven clone as the original sleeps in their bed; once the original person wakes up from sleep, the REM driven clone drops limp –as if dead at the remote location (cloning centers). Therefore, Tila Tequila is a REM driven clone sex slave WHEN her original body is asleep; during the point where Tila Tequila reaches REM sleep, her consciousness is transferred to her REM driven clone at the cloning center, where THE REM driven clone (Tila Tequila’s REM driven clone) comes to life because it now has Tila Tequila’s consciousness running the REM driven clone, and therefore Tila Tequila as a REM driven clone version of herself, has to have sex with other REM driven clones in exchange for the original (real) Tila Tequila (who is asleep in her bed) to receive fame and promotions in real life, when she wakes up. As you can see it is very advanced science and technology...and this is how advanced science and technology is today. If you are wondering whether you have seen clones on TV, whereby in the example above, the original (real) Tila Tequila is actually asleep and her consciousness has been tra nsferred to her REM driven clone, and she is having sex at the cloning center as a REM driven clone version of herself, then the answer to that is also yes. The original (real) Tila Tequila, would be asleep in her bed, while as a REM driven clone version of herself she is having sex at the cloning center, while a DIFFERENT clone of Tila Tequila is shown TV; OR in this example the real Tila Tequila stays at home awake; she is not asleep having REM driven clone sex, but a clone version of herself is shown on TV. So in short: Yes sometimes the people you see on TV are clones... and yes Tila Tequila has a REM driven clone duplicate of herself, whereby the original (real) Tila Tequila’s consciousness is transferred whenever the original (real) Tila Tequila enters REM sleep (90110 minutes after first falling asleep) and then Tila Tequila has sex (clone sex) as a REM driven clone of herself at the cloning center with Illuminati REM driven clones, in exchange for a TV show and fame (in real life). May 15, 2012 at 8:09pm · 3SG1: Thank you. REM driven cloning and fame 3SG2: So, when do these people realise they are going to be cloned? Do they realise they are going to be cloned when they become famous or just before they become famous? You said greed overtakes them! DM: Yes, greed does overtake them. No, they do not realise they are going to be cloned, and will have to attend the cloning center as a REM driven clone version of themselves when they go sleep (through the process of consciousness transfer from their original bodies to their REM driven clone located at the cloning center each time they fall into REM sleep in their original bodies). 19 | P a g e