Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 18

DM: 3SG2, you sound like you already know about REM driven cloning. You are almost exactly correct in your description. Different people suffer different side effects from REM driven clone torture. The most common side effect is heart trouble, which is what I suffer with (from REM driven clone torture). Other side effects include symptoms which are similar to experiencing Asperger Syndrome (Medical News Today 2015b) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Medical News Today 2015a) as well as many different side effects. With some people their liver quivers as a side effect resulting from REM driven clone torture; the Illuminati even put the fact that someone peoples’ liver quivers as a direct result from REM driven clone torture in a song somewhere. The Illuminati can mess with people in many different ways. April 26, 2012 at 7:46pm How the original (real) Donald Marshall is threatened 3SG1: How is Donald threatened if he [the original him / real him] is not the clone that is actually at the cloning center? DM: The REM driven clone may not be my actual (original) body, however it is my consciousness which runs the REM driven clone. Furthermore, consciousness is linked; therefore, I display physiological and biological responses in my real body too when my REM driven clone is threatened because consciousness is linked (Petkova and Ehrsson 2008; Ehrsson 2013). Accordingly, intermittent REM driven clone torture damages a person’s heart slowly over time because the person’s consciousness records it in their actual body as if the torture was actually happening to their actual body. There are other side effects of intermittent REM driven clone torture, however, the biggest side effect for me, is heart damage. If a person’s REM driven clones are continually tortured without respite, while the original person who has had their consciousness transferred to their REM driven clone(s) is asleep, then that person will either die in their sleep from an aneurysm or heart attack, or will die the next day if the person does manage to wake up from sleep because their consciousness will have recorded all the pain they suffered as a REM driven clone, because consciousness is linked. It takes a longer period of time to kill a young person through the process of torturing a young person’s REM driven clones, before a young person will die in their actual body of a heart attack or aneurysm. May 14, 2012 at 7:18pm Cloned celebrities, Media and Popular Culture 3SG1: I still do not understand. If the celebrities are cloned, is the clone what WE [as the public] see on TV and in the papers? For example, you mentioned Tila Tequila is a sex slave, so does she stay at the cloning center giving them sex, while her clone is out in public and that is what WE see on TV and in the papers? Is that right?! I am confused. 3SG2: That is what I wondered too. The celebrities we see on TV are they real people or clones of real people? I think the clones get tortured, am I right? DM: I think the confusion may be due to the difference in replication cloning and duplication cloning. Replication cloning is growing a clone of an original, where the clone is an identical copy of an original and starts life off from a baby. Duplication cloning on the other hand happens from agitating the cells of an original over and over again until a fully formed duplicate clone of an original person is formed. It takes five months to grow a human body through the process of duplication cloning. 18 | P a g e