Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 17

The differences between replicated clones and duplicate clones Differences explained: Torturing replicated clones versus torturing duplicate clones 3SG1: If you clone a sheep, and the torture the cloned sheep, the original (real) sheep is not going to feel it. Donald, you do know that the autopsy on Bernie Mac confirmed something else? 3SG2: Bernie Mac died from pneumonia (fluid in the lungs) that was complicated by sarcoidosis that was in remission... not that I am discounting your story, Donald. Only that you have some of your information wrong. Maybe Bernie Mac stood up to them because he knew he was on his way out already? Or pneumonia was the result of him being tortured [as REM driven clones]. Which if that is the case, I would have to suspect his clone to have been subjected to torture relating to his lungs? 3SG2: In response to 3SG1’s comment about the cloning and torture of sheep: this is a different kind of cloning. What you described was: “replication cloning”, and yes, in that case the original (real) sheep would not feel the torture. This is duplication cloning. Think “Avatar” (2009). These REM driven clones are empty shells. The Illuminati can and do transfer peoples’ consciousnesses into clone versions of themselves. Often clones are grown with implants already in place; which i