Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 11

Frequently Asked Donald Marshall Questions Clones Coping in real life from exposure to REM driven cloning 3SG1: How do these people cope in real life once they have been exposed to it [REM driven cloning]? DM: How some people cope in real life is through drinking alcohol; and some people cope by taking drugs... after being exposed to REM driven cloning. July 2, 2012 at 11:42am How REM driven clones are activated 3SG1: Can the Illuminati only activate your REM driven clone when you are asleep? DM: Yes. I mentioned this in the letter (Donald Marshall Proboards 2012; Marshall 2015a pp. 6 – 7; Marshall 2015b pp. 43 - 46). The Illuminati can ONLY activate a person’s REM driven clone whe