Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 109

Remember, all I am discussing is technology, thousands of years advanced compared to what you currently use; available today, hidden and secret. If things start to get too complex for you, reduce it to its bare minimums: (advanced) science and technology. I hope that helps. Another thing which I do in my interviews, that friends have picked up on, is:- because REM driven cloning has been my reality for many years; I don’t differentiate between my original body and my REM driven clone body. I just say: I did this, I did that, and Elizabeth did this and that, therefore it can become very confusing for newcomers. Please bear with me. As I have explained in this document, the experience of REM driven cloning is that a person LITERALLY goes to sleep in their original body, only to be activated by the Illuminati members as a REM driven clone, 90 -110 minutes after first falling asleep, to experience the SAME earth the person left behind when he / she went to sleep in their original body, CLEAR as daylight. When the person wakes up from sleeping, their REM driven clone drops “limp noodle” –and a person goes from having an experience on the SAME earth CLEAR as daylight in a REM driven clone body, to waking up and experiencing the same world, now in their original body, CLEAR as daylight... –the same consciousness inhabits both bodies. Therefore and naturally, because I am experiencing the same world, with a CLARITY, in a body much similar to mine (a REM driven clone body), and because I am still “me”, because it is my consciousness which resides in the REM driven clone body, and it is the same consciousness when I am experiencing the world in my original body, when I wake up from sleep; and because in each case my consciousness includes the experiences, knowledge and memories which makes me, “me” in each body: REM driven clone body or my original body; I naturally do not differentiate between my REM driven clone version, and my original body as an outsider discussing this topic and these concepts would. I understand it helps comprehension and therefore I have painstakingly done this throughout this document. Consequently, please bear with me. Everything becomes easily understood once the reader gets over this hurdle. I hope this helps; and I hope this helps to better understand my disclosure, as well as, the interviews which I have done. On the next page you can find the links to my interviews. You can copy and paste the links to your web browser or press Ctrl+Click – (hold “Ctrl” on your keyboard and left “Click” with your mouse, on the images below) to direct you to the interviews. 109 | P a g e