Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 108

Interviews Readers can listen to the radio interviews I have done. Listen for consistency; particularly anything which you do not hear me, pronounce clearly for the first time; the best thing to do is to pause the recording at that particular point and replay it. You should also research the statements you do not understand. Sometimes reading helps comprehension a lot faster. One of the main reasons you should pause and replay the recordings is because: the truth has been kept hidden for so long that a lot of what I discuss in my interviews are beyond most people’s current world view; so at some points I may speak too fast for you; my audio / microphone may not be so clear so you may miss what I say etc. Others have also commented on the fact that they pretended ‘as if’: I was someone from the distant future sent back in time (I am NOT); to give important information to the world about highly advanced technologies which currently exist but are hidden and secret and being used against the populace. Under such a premise these people rationalised that they wo uld not understand the information which was being presented to them straight away, and they would have to be patient in order to grasp certain concepts, technical speak, and the highly advanced technologies etc. BEFORE they can grasp the SERIOUSNESS of the information presented. Furthermore, a friend has told me that when he first watched the Vinny Eastwood interview; he did not hear me say the word “scars” (When Vinny asked: ‘How do I know I’m the real me?’) although he replayed that particular point in the video 8 times. Everything was just beyond his current comprehension, at the time. No matter how many times he replayed that part he really could not hear me say the word “scars” –so he let that part go, and played the rest of the interview, pausing, and replaying points which he did not understand, especially to comprehend whether I was talking about my original body or my REM driven clone duplicate body. He also listened to all my interviews for consistency, to note any ‘slip ups’, or any parts of my testimonies which do not ‘add up’. He would listen to all my interviews, pausing and replaying parts he did not understand and he would reserve his judgements until he felt everything I was saying was for example as ordinary as: ‘I woke up today, brushed my teeth, and took the dog for a walk’. He was also patient to realise the truth. After listening to my interviews he would just let it ‘sink in’. A week later he would come back and listen to the same interviews, to test whether his comprehension on the topics I discuss has improved, and whether he can understand what I am saying without having to pause and repeat at certain points in my interview; and soon enough he could now hear me say “scars” at that particular point of the Vinny Eastwood interview. He had reached the point where all topics I discuss sounded to him like I’m saying everyday common place stuff that people have heard, such as: ‘I woke up today, brushed my teeth, and took the dog for a walk’. For anyone who may struggle to understand the topics I discuss: I strongly recommend you take the above approach as my friend did; soon enough, you too will realise the real truth of the world like he has: REM driven cloning, kept secret and used for sinister purposes. I cannot say the following is true for every