Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 104

DM: Hey everyone was doing it... so why not me too [Bryan Adams]” (*end sarcasm*). No, none of the people I have dealt with as REM driven clone versions of themselves at the cloning center are going to say that... They will in the future though... and not in the distant future... May 18, 2012 at 6:09pm Technologies May 17 th 2012 Area 51 and Flying Saucers DM: OK! I promised you Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Area 51 information and I shall deliver. Flying saucers are American made [man made]. The Americans made a technology called “matter displacement”. “Matter displacement” could be mistaken for ‘anti-gravity’ but I was told when I was activated as a REM driven clone version of myself by the Illuminati REM driven clones that it is not ‘anti gravity’ but rather matter displace ment technology. This matter displacement technology has also been demonstrated on a documentary on TV: three beams of matter displacement was demonstrated; furthermore the flying saucer was unstable and I do not even know how the pilot managed to survive the g- forces, but anyway, in a flying saucer the top and bottom spin alternately to make a gyro effect; it is similar to spinning a bicycle tyre horizontally and then trying to turn the bicycle tyre vertically; it is a difficult feat to achieve because the centrifugal force keeps the flying saucer more stable... then two beams stabilise the flying saucer and a third beam pushes the saucer backwards... However, controlling the movement of a flying saucer is very erratic. Flying saucers were first tested at Area 51, but these saucers were too unstable and could have zipped off in any direction and land unexpectedly in the nearest town. Therefore, in order to conceal their research, the Americans put Egyptian hieroglyphics on their saucers to systematically deceive people and hide the truth if ever the American’s research into flying saucers and matter displacement technology was to be discovered. The Americans did not want Russians or any nation for that matter to know that Americans were in the process of researching flying saucers and matter displacement technology... Furthermore, can you recall the material which was found that was claimed to be ‘extraterrestrial’? Well this material was actually “mylar”. It is now public knowledge that mylar material exists, however, the official account states that we HAVE mylar material now, but we did not have mylar material at the time of the UFO flying saucer crash. Well yes, the Americans did have mylar material as far back as the early 1950s; the Americans just did not tell the public anything about mylar material. Furthermore, during the American’s research into flying saucer technology and matter displacement technology, the Americans realised that flying saucers were useless for war; bullets go straight through flying saucers; and the flying saucers required a lot of power, and a lot of force, even for a short flight. 104 | P a g e